She Started Braiding Her Hair Below Her Chin. Now Watch What She Ended Up Doing.. WOW!

Are you looking for a new way to braid your hair?  Probably the classic braids have become monotonous. Here are few funky styles you can adopt.

 Under the chin braid

Start with a regular braid below the chin. Do a French Braid or fish tail. Leave some room for the rest of the hair.

Add pieces to the braid till the entire hair is braided below the chin.

Secure the end with a hair tie.

Flip, the braid to the back, to create the look below. Feel free to spray some hair spray.

The outcome resembles a waterfall effect. It also makes the hair appear fuller.

It is a unique hair styles that take minimal time. It looks like it was professionally done. The hairstyle can be worn for any occasion.

The next time you are attending a weekend or a semi-formal event, you can rock this easy- and versatile braid style.

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