She Took Her Old Sleigh Bed Headboard And Turned It Into THIS.. I Can’t Believe My Eyes!

What do you do with furniture pieces that are out of fashion? In the past, clunky and heavy decor were fashionable. Today, people prefer simple and sleeker furniture.

Do you give up your old furniture? What about that beautiful antique bed that you treasure? Worry not! There are numerous ways of repurposing the furniture to make them of use.

Here is a simple DIY hack on how to convert a sleigh bed into a rustic bed.

  1. Remove the damaged headboard. While at it, remove any splintered parts as well.
  2. Smooth down the bed frame using an electric sander.
  3. Select a wood paneling that resembles a beadboard. Cut the wood panel to the preferred length. The cut-length should envelop the front to face the headboard.
  4. At the backside of the paneling, apply a layer of adhesive.
  5. Hold the beadboard in place. Where the adhesive will not hold, use some nails for proper support.


6. Cut some inches off the headboard legs. Use a handy electric handsaw.

7. Repeat the above procedure to the footboard

8. Cut the right and left side of the footboard. Take away the bottom panels

9. The undersized notches from the headboard will be the bench armrests. The notches should line up with the front facing the headboard’s rear.


10. Install the screws to build the arm rest and the headboard.

11. Apply a primer coat on the whole bench using a roller.

12. Add two paint coats.

13. Cut three pieces of wood measuring 2* 6. Add a polyurethane coat. Fit the back and the front to bench for design and strength.


14. Create the sitting area by cutting lesser blocks of woods and painting them.


Easy hack and charming outcome! Try the easy tutorial today.

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